Prevention of Cervical Cancer?

Prevention of cervical cancer? of Manchester ’00 Laser (taken from a purple flower, some famous woman, maybe actress et voila, the campaign against cervical cancer is ready. Or better prepared, indeed pre-packaged… but by whom?

The statistics report that there are about 12,800 European women dying each year for cervical cancers whose cause appears to be the human papilloma virus (HPV) or human warts virus (also known as warts or rooster crests) that is transmitted Sexually.

There are about 13 types of this virus that have been linked to the generation of cancer cells. Tumors of this kind are curable at 100% if special time screening is made. In December, a European Women’s Association was established in order to make political pressures for the adoption by European health systems of HPV screening systems (European Women for HPV testing,) together with the most Traditional PAP smear test.

In Italy, the initiative for the adoption of the HPV test is sponsored by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and collects the accession of many Italian women ‘ famous ‘ including the presenter Licia Colo ‘, various actresses and deputies .

In December some famous foreign actresses such as Liz Hurley, Carol Vordeman and Caprice joined the battle for the adoption of the tests. So far so good, even better. We will not be the one to quibble over the importance of the whole campaign, and we would not even have the competence. Continue reading