Woman’s Health and Women’s

Women need health care even when they are well. When they are sick the most reason they need care, but also to know more.

In This section there are updated news about vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer prevention.

We are also talking about infertility and sexual violence, issues in which, in addition to the health problem, problems of protection and respect for women’s rights are added.

You can email us to ask for information that you can’t find on the site, and we can support you remotely if you want to talk to someone.

You can also ask us for advice on what you are already doing, but also on where is a specialized center of the Regional Health Service near you.

Women sometimes need to talk to other women, and to share their problem, not always the forums are the right place to take information, although they can be an important moment of sharing.

Our information is independent of any interest, and the centers we send to are public or accredited centers of recognized value.

Do not hesitate to contact us.


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